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Filimon Abraham, a German mountain runner of Eritrean descent, became the first man to arrive on Smarna Gora in less than 11 minutes. The new record of Šmarna gora is 10min59s.

Timotej Bečan, as the fastest Slovene, finished third and set a new fastest Slovenian time of 11min 12s.

Among the girls, the winner is currently our best mountain runner Mojca Koligar, 14min35s.

The results are currently available here.

Photo: Bogo Trontelj


Running treat on šmarna gora

This year’s running year is a special year for all of us – both for the runners and the race organizers. It is the organizers who are facing the challenge of organizing matches under the conditions dictated to us by goverment. So we have prepared two matches for you in two days, one after the other, on one mountain. We present you ŠMARNA GORA RUNNING!


We already know both matches well and they are well established in the Slovenian and international running world.


Two more weeks separate us until the Cross-Country Holiday on Šmarna gora. Winning podiums is already waiting for you!